Shapes and forms

Let’s look at some more commonly known sacred geometries and their energetic qualities and utilisations. You will find short practices using some of these shapes and forms under the section “practical tools”.

The sphere is round without any edges or corners and complete in itself. It is the symbol of creation and at the same time the symbol of nothingness. It contains everything and nothing simultaneously.

It offers energies of stillness and creativity and can be used to foster the birth of something new, abundance, visions and insights.

A pyramid consists of a square at its base and four equilateral triangles rising up to a peak.

Have you ever been inside a pyramid, climbed on top of one or walked around at a pyramid site? If so, did you feel the powerful energy the pyramids exude? Wise ancient civilisations constructed pyramids around the world. The Pyramids of Giza, for instance, are aligned with the Orion Belt. What were the pyramids really used for?

The energetic properties of the pyramidal form might give us some clues: The pyramid stores, generates, amplifies and transforms energy. Since our human systems are very attuned to the energy contained in pyramids, pyramid energy helps us to increase our energy levels and the vibration of our energetic systems and to improve the energy flow within us. This leads to less stress, regeneration, more vitality and a better physical, emotional and mental balance.

The five Platonic solids were named after the Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 BC), and their names indicate the number of their respective areas in Greek.

From left to right starting at the upper left corner, they are:

Platonic solid Areas Main energetic utilisations
Hexahedron/Cube 6 squares Grounding, materialisation, energy storage
Icosahedron 20 triangles Emotional balance, release/flow/renewal
Tetrahedron 4 triangles Raising energy and activity levels
Octahedron 8 triangles Clearing the old, making space for the new, clarity
Dodecahedron 12 pentagons Opening up to higher guidance, universal love, grace


I love the infinity symbol because it is simple and profound at the same time. It consists of two equal loops that intersect with one another in the centre.

The infinity symbol balances opposites, full-circles and integrates experiences and supports you in experiencing your infinite, eternal nature.

The Flower of Life constitutes the underlying pattern of creation of all physical forms and the foundation of all existence. It reflects divine order and the interconnectedness of all life. Everything comes from it, and everything can be returned to it.

The Flower of Life is particularly suitable for creating within a certain structure or form, expanding consciousness (within certain boundaries) as well as maintaining or restoring divine order, harmony and peace. It also helps to neutralise electronic smog and pollution and to enhance the quality of water and food.

The Flower of Life is normally displayed with two or three rings around the floral pattern. In my book I also present the unbounded Flower of Life and its importance in these times.

Have you noticed the 5-pointed star or pentagram in your surroundings? In flowers with 5 petals, in fruits or on children’s clothes? Your body forms a pentagram as well when you stand like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

The 5-pointed star connects you to your essence and supports you in remembering and expressing your light, letting go of self-criticism, opening your heart to love and experiencing joy and presence.

A 7-pointed star forms a unity with seven points. Opposite a point or a peak on one side of the star, there is an opening on the other side of the star, displaying polarity and balance.

The 7-pointed star reflects natural and cosmic cycles and laws such as the 7 days of the week and the 7 universal laws (hermetic principles).

It supports you in regaining balance and harmony within yourself, with your body and your surroundings. It strengthens your connection to, and alignment with, the Earth and the cosmos and helps you to become natural again.