Sacred Geometry Designs

Get your favourite sacred geometry designs here and bask in their beautiful frequencies and energies. Place them as a piece of art in a frame on the wall, use them as a screensaver on your phone and computer and/or as a coloured printout to meditate with.

  • Instant digital download of a png file in a square format (without the logo “@sacredgeometryexperience”)
  • 1 design for 18 euros, 3 designs for 44 euros
  • For your own personal, non-commercial use only (not for resale, distribution or commercial use of any kind)
  • Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. For these instantly downloadable designs we do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.
  • We will regularly change the choice of designs to offer you a variety of options.
  • May you enjoy them!


This sacred geometry symbol activates abundance on all levels:

· Abundance of love – reflected by the heart in its centre
· Abundance of money and wealth – reflected by the gold circles/coins
· Abundance of freedom and authentic expression – reflected by the expansion of the 7-pointed stars from the central heart into the cosmic background
· Abundance of health – reflected by the organic evolution of the natural green and joyful orange 7-pointed stars

The abundance is facilitated by a dodecahedron of grace and universal love, transmitted through a double cone, perpetuated by the two infinity symbols in the centre and manifested with the help of Metatron’s Cube.


We are shifting from “homo sapiens” to “homo luminus”.

This sacred geometry symbol supports you in activating your inner light and light body. Connect with it, energetically step into it, ask for its activation and see, sense, feel or know how layers of light open like doors within your body. Shine on!


Embedded in a toroidal field of compassion, the seed of love spreads from the heart in the centre out into the world.

May the Flower of Love blossom everywhere!


Designed for the 11-11-7 portal on 11 November 2023, this sacred geometry symbol with its 11-pointed and 7-pointed stars inspires you to step through the portal into the magic and miracle zone.


What does peace mean to you? For me, it starts within. Peace contains the frequencies of tranquillity, stillness, presence as well as resting in your essence, your beingness. In that state, you feel universal love and grace coming into you and your compassion going out to others.

These frequencies are embedded in this sacred geometry symbol with its golden zero-point, an expanding 33-pointed star, a dodecahedron and a spiral of golden 5-pointed stars taking you home to your essence, to the peace within, to the love, light and presence that you are. 

One sacred geometry design of your choice, 18€

Pack of 3 sacred geometry designs of your choice, 44€