Sacred geometry combinations: Essence Flower

Every sacred geometry shape or form has specific underlying energetic qualities. Such energetic qualities can be used to address a topic you may be dealing with. Let me give you an example: If you have lost your natural balance and flow, the specific frequencies of the 7-pointed star can support you in regaining balance and harmony within and with the elements around you. Engaging with these unique frequencies embedded in a geometric shape and form then bring about certain energetic changes in your body and energy system. Colours containing specific light codes can enhance the effects.

Let’s do a practice with the 7-pointed star:


Go into your zero-point in the middle of your heart chakra and breathe. You might wish to close your eyes. See, sense or feel a 7-pointed star right in front of you, one large enough for you to step into. Energetically – by intention – step into this 7-pointed star and see, sense or feel how it expands in all directions. Ask it to activate itself and rotate within, around and through you with the intention of strengthening your connection with nature and the cosmos. See, sense, feel or know that you are in flow with all life and aligned with natural and cosmic cycles and rhythms. Nothing in nature and the cosmos questions its inherent value or purpose. Relax into your true nature. It is time to blossom and thrive!

You can also watch my video with the 7-pointed star practice on YouTube:


Combining certain sacred geometry shapes and forms can enhance the effect of the individual shapes and forms and facilitate alchemical processes in our bodies and energetic systems. It is a bit like cooking a delicious meal by carefully choosing and combining the individual ingredients.

Take the example of the image called “Essence Flower” above, which I also use as my logo together with my name. It consists of the following shapes, forms and frequencies:

The 7-pointed star in the green colour of nature supports us in being natural and in alignment

with natural and cosmic laws, thus facilitating the expression of our authenticity.

The indigo blue tetrahedron supports us in activating our light body and raising our energy levels.

The two golden infinity symbols in the centre carry the energies of our infinite nature,

allowing us to full-circle experiences and step into freedom.

The indigo blue hexahedron stores these light frequencies and brings them into form.

The golden sphere of creation and wholeness encompasses all these shapes and forms and their inherent frequencies, thus supporting the experience of fulfilment.

All in all, the Essence Flower embodies the frequencies I love sharing with you: the experience of freedom, authenticity and fulfilment. That’s why I wrote the book “Activate Your Highest Potential With Sacred Geometry – A Practical Guide to Freedom, Authenticity and Fulfilment”. I invite you to check it out.

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