May 2024 Sacred geometry of the month: Return to Joy



Let’s return to joy in May! Nature has started to blossom again – it’s time to enjoy life!

After regaining inner peace in April, the frequencies in May offer the potential to return to joy and to remain joyful for longer periods of time.

Join me on a fun journey with your inner Magical Child where we return to joy and play in the garden of Eden. The sacred geometry symbol “Return to Joy” contains frequencies that radiate creativity and playfulness and assist us in being natural, confident and joyful.

Note: The webinar took place on 4 May 2024. Upon payment, you will receive access to the video and audio recordings of the webinar and you will be able to download the “Return to Joy” Symbol as well as the “Return to Magic” Symbol. Use it any time you want to experience the joyful frequencies.

Investment: 22 euros