January 2024 Sacred geometry of the month: Embracing the Unknown



We are right now in an important transition phase: The old patterns and paradigms are not completely gone and the new energies have not fully landed yet. This can feel unsettling and scary. Are you feeling it, too?

Join me in exploring how we can embrace the unknown and continue our path with courage, clarity and trust. The sacred geometry symbol “Embracing the Unknown” contains frequencies that support us in mastering this transition phase with ease and grace. I will share more about the current energies, the symbol’s frequencies and supportive practices. Bring your questions. We will activate these frequencies within us in a meditation, preparing us to step forward into a new life in an empowered way.

Note: The webinar took place on 7 January 2024. Upon payment, you will receive access to the video and audio recordings of the webinar and you will be able to download the “Embracing the Unknown” Symbol. Use it any time you want to embrace the unknown.

Thank you for joining me.