Practical tools

Engage in the practices below and experience the energetic benefits of some sacred geometries. You will find photos and information about these sacred geometries under the section Shapes and forms.


I invite you to start each practice by going into your zero-point. I explain the details of going into your zero-point in my Video Tutorials.

Uplifting your energies with the pyramid

Go into your zero-point and breathe. You might want to close your eyes. See, sense or feel a golden pyramid in front of you. Imagine that you step into the pyramid’s centre through a gate that is opening up in front of you. Relax into the pyramid’s golden vibration. Invite the pyramid’s golden energy to flow into every cell of your body with the intention of increasing your energy levels and the vibration of your energetic system. Breathe and relax into the energies. Do you feel uplifted?

Facilitating emotional balance with the icosahedron

Go into your zero-point in the middle of your heart chakra and breathe. You might want to connect to your emotions. By intention invite an icosahedron into your body and your energy field. Ask the icosahedron to activate itself and rotate within and around you. Ask it to support you in balancing your emotions and flowing with life. Relax and breathe deeply. Experience the energies. Do you feel more emotionally balanced now?

Returning to being natural with the 7-pointed star

Go into your zero-point and breathe. You might want to close your eyes. Set the intention to energetically step into a 7-pointed star that is right in front of you and see, sense or feel how it expands into all directions. Breathe into the expansion. Ask it to activate itself and rotate around and through you with the intention of strengthening your connection with nature. See, sense, feel or know that you are in flow with all life and in alignment with natural cycles and rhythms. Nothing in nature questions its inherent value or purpose. Will you return to being natural?

Activating and expanding your essence with the 5-pointed star

I invite you to stand up and form a 5-pointed star with your body: Hold your head straight and look forward with your arms outstretched in a horizontal line at shoulder height; position your legs a little more than hip-width apart. Go into your zero-point and breathe. Close your eyes if you wish to. Set the intention to activate the pentagram within you. See, sense or feel how the energy of your essence flows from your heart centre into all five points of the star located in your head and in your hands and feet. Expand your essence through your intention, focus and breath until you see, sense or feel it everywhere in your body. If you feel energetic blocks in certain body parts, allow your body wisdom to make the appropriate movements to unblock the energy flow. Breathe into your essence. When you feel fully nourished with your essence, radiate the love that you are from your heart area out into the world.

Full-circling the old and stepping into the new with the infinity symbol

Choose a topic or an area of experience such as health, finance or relationships that you want support with. Go into your zero-point and breathe. See, sense or feel a vertical infinity symbol in front of you – like the number “8” – or create one on the ground. Step into its centre, the intersection of the two loops, energetically or physically, and look ahead. By intention place all the topic-related old patterns and energies that are not yours and/or that do not serve you anymore from your energetic system into the loop of the infinity symbol behind you. Place your (topic-related) heart’s desires and projects as fresh energies into the loop in front of you. From your present place, feel the old and foreign energies behind you and the new energies in front of you. Breathe. When you feel the moment has come, declare that you are ready to full-circle the old and step into the new. Step into the loop ahead of you into new beginnings. Ask your soul to cut off the loop behind you. See, sense or feel how that loop dissolves until all that is left is you inside the circle of new beginnings. Enjoy your new life!