Possible uses

You can use sacred geometry in many different ways. Below I will give you some examples. You will find short energetic practices under the section “practical tools”.

Creating and using physical sacred geometry objects

  • Build or construct huge three-dimensional sacred geometry forms such as a pyramid or a dodecahedron with wooden or metal bars.
  • Create two-dimensional sacred geometry shapes on the ground, using stones, crystals or threads.
  • Create certain sacred geometry shapes such as an Ankh, an infinity symbol, a circle or any star with suitable objects such as seeds, fruits, food, crystals or stones.
  • Step into or onto these geometric shapes and forms and experience their energies or use them for meditative and decorative purposes.
  • Energise and infuse water and food with frequencies of sacred geometry by placing your water bottle and food onto a certain symbol or by sticking a symbol on a water bottle (such as the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube).
  • Use sacred geometry designs in architecture and interior design (such as tiles, wallpaper, photos, paintings) and in art and jewellery.

Using sacred geometry energetically


  • Invite certain sacred geometry shapes and forms into your body and energetic system with the intention of benefitting from the shape´s or form´s energetic qualities and frequencies. Set a corresponding intention by thinking or saying what you want and ask the sacred geometry shape or form to activate itself and to support you with this. Please refer to the section on “practical tools” for examples.
  • Imagine a sacred geometry shape or form in front of you, one large enough for you to step into, and then set the intention to step into its centre. Ask it to activate itself and rotate within, around and through you with a certain intention, which is preferably linked to the shape’s or form’s energetic qualities and utilisations.
  • By intention, energetically offer sacred geometry symbols to a room or place and ask them to activate themselves, rotate and share their frequencies for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Meditating with sacred geometry

  • Hold a sacred geometry object in your hands or place it in front of you, ask it to activate itself and to show you insights related to a specific topic.
  • Use sacred geometry symbols as background and screen savers on your computer and phone.
  • Look at and meditate with sacred geometry designs and animations.

Embodying sacred geometry

  • Human mandala: Form a sacred geometry symbol with a group of people and activate it.