Personal Sacred Geometry

The Sacred Feminine by Sabine Kruse

Love Thyself by Sabine Kruse

Do you wish to receive further support in a certain area of your life?

Or are you interested in a design to activate your business?

Or an art work for your home?

Enjoy your own personal sacred geometry!

I design coloured personal sacred geometries containing frequencies and vibrations that support you with your intentions. The Sacred Feminine symbol and the Love Thyself symbol are two of my personal sacred geometries and I would love to design yours!


This is how it works:

  • We’ll start with an online conversation talking about your intentions, preferences and uses for the sacred geometry symbol.
  • Certain sacred geometry shapes and forms carry certain frequencies that facilitate specific energetic changes when you connect and engage with them. I am aware of these underlying energetic qualities (see my book on sacred geometry). I will tune into your intentions and preferences as well as the frequencies needed to support you and design a personal sacred geometry using a sacred geometry software (Omnigeometry) in a similar way you would concoct a special meal carefully choosing the right ingredients based on their qualities and flavours.
  • You will receive your personal sacred geometry electronically in a png format together with a word document containing the following information: Personal sacred geometry design, its name, your intentions, preferences and uses, elements and interpretation of your symbol as well as suggested practices with your symbol and – if applicable – other related sacred geometries.

For questions and bookings please contact me per email at or through the contact form.