How can it serve you?

Did you know that our life situations happen thanks to 90-95% of our subconscious and unconscious programmes, beliefs, (suppressed) emotions and experiences?

Our subconscious minds are much more powerful than our conscious minds. Our parents’ beliefs and experiences programmed our subconscious since conception, and later, other people and society influence us.  These programmes trigger thoughts and emotions and activate biological and chemical processes in our bodies and energy systems with corresponding effects on our well-being and our lives in general. The subconscious also holds valuable information about our abilities and experiences, which sacred geometry can help us to unlock.

Our world is as we are. If we are riddled with doubt, fear or lack, we cannot live our highest potentials. Engaging with sacred geometry can change that, simply by looking at it, since its frequency information is directly absorbed by our subconscious minds without being filtered by the left hemispheres of the brain. Through its inherent divine codes, sacred geometry transforms that which is not authentically us, taking us back to the experience of our true divine nature – free of conditioning and programming.

Use sacred geometry in your daily life for the following benefits:

  • Activate your creative abilities and talents
  • Unravel stuck energies and clear limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Restore and increase vitality and well-being in your body and energetic system
  • Sharpen your intuition and gain clarity, focus and new insights
  • Restore emotional balance and develop amazing relationships with yourself and others
  • Bring into your life what you truly desire from your heart
  • Communicate with beings from higher dimensions
  • Expand your consciousness and allow for the emergence of your True Self

In short, sacred geometry assists you in freeing yourself from limitations, in being authentic and in making your heart’s dreams come true.

The limited perspective of the rational mind cannot grasp the full potential inherent in sacred geometry. I strongly encourage you to create an intuitive and visceral access to sacred geometry in order to experience its full benefits – feel and experience it, don’t just “think” it! Visualise the sacred geometry (in action), feel or sense the sacred geometry in your body and energy system, and watch or sense what opens up for you.