Do you sometimes feel stuck or caught in the treadmill?

Do you desire more freedom, joy and fulfilment in your life?

Do you want to live your highest potential?

As your certified life coach I support you with living your highest potential from your soul. I accompany you in freeing yourself from limitations, expressing your unique nature and in following your heart’s dreams. My approach is empowering, solution-oriented and holistic.

I offer coaching services in English, German, Spanish and French.

Potential topics and benefits

  • Recognise and activate your life’s vision, calling and potentials
  • Deal with blockages and clear limiting beliefs and repeating patterns
  • Manage a personal crisis, stress and overwhelm and return to peace
  • Restore emotional and mental balance
  • Develop amazing relationships with yourself and others
  • Bring into your life what you truly desire from your heart
  • Expand your consciousness and see things/life from a bigger perspective

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Your Highest Potential Individual Session
60 minutes, 150 euros

Your Highest Potential Package with 3 sessions
3 x 60 minutes, 404 euros

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Absolutely wonderful. The results of the coaching totally exceeded my expectations. I am amazed how much we achieved within these two hours. Every single step was very important; it felt like pieces of a puzzle coming together. By becoming aware what is behind my issues and again behind those, my understanding increased along the way. My transformation was very deep: My perception shifted and I released emotional blockages, feeling huge energetic shifts. Sabine’s very compassionate, understanding and authentic way of coaching and her presence during my whole process helped me to solve my lifelong problem. I am very happy and grateful. I truly recommend Sabine.

Ewa, from London (UK)

Sabine walks alongside her clients to help them activate their True Selves. She uses sacred geometry so others can feel the universal love always available to them. Sabine is a compassionate friend as she shares insights and practices that continue to help so many on their journey.


Sabine Kruse guided me through a diverse and deep process, which allowed me to percolate my topic in deeper analytical and emotional ways. That is how I became aware of options and alternatives, which I had not perceived before and which helped me very much with dissolving the situation. Sabine Kruse guided me through this process with methodical sovereignty and enjoyment. She created space for my new insights by means of her vast experience and empathy. Thank you so much for this.

Susanne, from Hesse (Germany)