“Activate Your Highest Potential With Sacred Geometry” is a self-empowering practical guide to your highest potential in alignment with your soul. Sabine Kruse provides an introduction to sacred geometry and different geometric shapes and forms and outlines the tools for you to raise your vibration, free yourself from limitations and step into an authentic and fulfilled life.

If you’ve been wondering how to navigate a complicated and ever-changing world, this brilliant book, infused with ancient wisdom, is the key. Beginning with an extensive overview of geometric shapes and how to use them, the author then shares practices to activate your highest potential, increase energy and abundance, as a foundation for meditation and contemplation or even to raise the frequency in meetings. It’s a game changer!

Andrea Hylen

Founder of Heal My Voice and The Incubator: An online co-working space for cultural creatives

In this book, Sabine opens a valuable door on how the Universe communicates in shapes. With the suggested exercises, you can feel a difference in your state of being immediately and gain accelerated insights in a matter of minutes. Use these powerful tools for tapping into divine guidance so you can embrace the challenges and questions which present along life’s path. I highly recommend it.

Monisha Mittal

Somatic Coach and Founder of Big Love Alchemy

The world has been waiting for this book for the longest time! The practical, interesting and informative exercises using sacred geometry will keep you returning to its pages time and time again. Sabine has given us a gift which not only takes you to your highest potential but will also have a knock-on effect on your loved ones, colleagues and people you come in contact with.

Danielle M Helms

Light Worker, Yoga Teacher and Sacred Earth Practitioner

Empowering and magical! It's a wonderful gift to have a book so easy to read and comprehend while activating many soulful reconnections and remembrances in a playful way.

Are you ready to awaken those divine codes and frequencies vibrating at the core of your soul and to expand your consciousness beyond your perceived limits? Working with sacred geometry, is it time to step into your own divinity? If yes, then go for it! Open your heart, mind, and soul and dive into the magical pages of this book. Your transformational journey awaits!


Cosmic Shaman