About me

Hello, my name is Sabine Kruse.

I grew up in Germany with an innate desire to explore and understand the world and the purpose of life. How could I contribute to creating a peaceful, free, abundant and beautiful world? I studied economics and subsequently worked for over 20 years in development co-operation programmes aimed at improving socio-economic, political and environmental conditions in Africa and Latin America. Though I enjoyed working with people from all corners of the world while looking for solutions for a better life for everybody, I did not find any satisfying answers there. Instead, I came to realise that you cannot fix the world from the outside.

The famous words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and a deep inner knowing that there is more to life than what I was experiencing and witnessing in others led me to leave my corporate job in 2011, follow my heart and eventually move to southern Spain.

I embarked on an inner journey of self-awareness through meditations, coaching and spiritual programmes.

It was towards the end of 2014 when sacred geometry came into my life. Supported by my guides from higher realms, I started receiving information during meditations on how to use certain geometric shapes and forms to shift the underlying energetics for everyday issues in order to create tangible results in daily life. I began to write down these insights and short practices, using them on myself and with friends, family and clients. Step by step, my first book on activating your highest potential with sacred geometry took shape.

And the results are tangible! I am so grateful for all the beautiful positive changes I have been witnessing in the lives of people I had the pleasure to support – including my own. I went through my own process of freeing myself from my limitations and conditioning and of returning to being natural and authentic. I shifted from living life from my mind to living life from my heart and soul – a much more fulfilling experience.

I want that for you as well. By becoming fully aware of who we truly are, we can step beyond our limitations and conditioning and live the best possible life. Engaging with and experiencing sacred geometry assists us in doing exactly that!

That’s why I wrote the book and became a certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Trainer for intercultural competence. Through writing, coaching, workshops and tailor-made personal sacred geometry designs, I love to inspire and empower you to live your highest potential.

True changes come from within: All answers, solutions and visions – in fact: everything – lies within yourself and is only waiting to be discovered. I am happy to accompany you on this discovery journey to your authentic self – in German, English, Spanish or French.